Golf on Monday, Chemo on Tuesday


In honor of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, I've started a new photo series to complement last year's "Month In the Life" series.  Check it out!

Welcome to my website, "Golf on Monday, Chemo on Tuesday."  I developed this title and what I call the 360 degree approach to living with cancer when I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. I was 48, extremely healthy, and completely shocked.  The day the bottom fell out of my assumptions about my health, my life and my purpose, I began one of the most effortful and fruitful journeys of my life.  My goals for this website are to do the following:

1.  To help those newly diagnosed with advanced cancer prepare for the whirlwind first 60 days after diagnosis. 

2.  To provide information on helpful resources for those who are not satisfied with a one or two prong approach to treating their disease.

3.  To provide practical tips for caregiving team members

4.  To provide a list of resources that have been most helpful to me. 

I'm starting this off with my cancer blog and adding content from my book project to the website as it grows and thrives. In the meantime, please interact with me via the blog. Let me know what pushes your buttons, where you find resonance as a cancer survivor or care giver, and where you flat out disagree.

If you want to suggest a topic or have a private discussion with me, please fill in the Contact Laura form.

I'm looking forward to this project and so many other things. Thanks for walking part of this journey with me!